The Process of Developing the SA Products

What is the thinking behind the ‘system’ in System Akvile?

What I learned from my skincare journey is that one product will not help if the rest of my daily routine is no good for my skin. I think in terms of products the right basics are key - there is so much out there that it’s easy to get lost and confused. But I also believe that in combination with the right products a few holistic lifestyle changes can also contribute to better skin.

A ‘system’ is a set of things working together as parts of an interconnecting network. That’s what we do at SA, we combine our products with holistic lifestyle changes.

System Akvile Launch

That’s why I chose the name System Akvile. Because I don’t believe in quick fix products mending our skin, I believe commitment and working on a holistic lifestyle alongside using great products is what truly betters our skin.

Why are there 4 products in the Starter Set?

When I was developing our skincare system, I thought about the essential products this way - when I am traveling and can only take a minimal amount of products in my hand luggage, which do I take? The answer was simple - Cleanser-Exfoliant-Target-Moisturizer.

I wanted a clear and simple skincare routine to work alongside the holistic lifestyle. Every step from the SA skincare routine is essential.

I feel like my day hasn’t begun without a good cleansing. I cannot live without acid exfoliation - it helps me to de-clog my pores, brings my glow back and just generally keeps my breakouts under control. Our target treatment is absolutely amazing - it doesn’t not dry out my skin, you can use it under your makeup AND it helps to reduce stubborn inflammation. I even use it on my T-Zone as a mattifier. We used an ingredient called Sepicontrol a5 in it, which helps to regulate sebum production. Last but not least  - moisturizing is so important for acne-prone skin. It protects, balances out & helps to maintain happy looking complexion.

System Akvile Products

What did you keep in mind when formulating your products?

For me it was especially important that the SA products do their jobs properly, however I didn’t want to push for ‘heavier’ formulas or more active ingredients at higher concentrations. This is all to do with going against the quick fix mentality. I would rather use less harsh products that work better in the long term than harsher products that fix the problem quickly but damage your skin in the process - leading you straight back to the place you started.

For example, our Exfoliant - for me it was important that it is a wash-off exfoliant. I also wanted an exfoliant which you can use in lots of different ways - quick exfoliation for just few minutes, or a longer deeper exfoliation as a mask treatment. I wanted a product that I can begin using step by step, and let my skin adapt to avoid any damage.

I’m also not into trends, I’m into what works. I wanted the SA products to work well for acne-prone skin. Not play on trends and misconceptions in order to sell more products.

For many (many!) years I did not use any moisturizer because I had been told that oily skin doesn’t need it. The result of drying lotions and not moisturizing was that my skin became dramatically oily, dehydrated and unhealthy looking. After I started using a well balanced moisturizer my skin improved almost immediately. It’s not oily anymore, and now I have a normal skin type with a (sometimes) oily T-Zone. So, it may already be clear, but I absolutely live for our moisturizer. It’s a light-rich formula which leaves a nice long lasting hydration and sits perfectly under my makeup.

Were there any ingredients you wanted to avoid in your product formulas?

First things first, I didn’t want any animal ingredients. Secondly I’m not into alcohol, fragrance or colorated products when unnecessary. I also have very mixed feelings about, so called, “all natural” products, for example essential oils, as I don’t believe “natural” automatically equates to being healthy for your skin.

What do you want people to experience with your products?

I want people to be able to experience the holistic approach with our products at SA. We have made a skincare sheet that will work as a companion to the products. We also offer lots of helpful advice on holistic skincare maintenance via our blog where you can see things like our goal & food journaling sheets.

Our ethos here is that the products are great but you also have to commit to your skin to see positive change. That means keeping consistent with your skincare routine and making some holistic changes to your lifestyle to improve your skin further. Loving yourself is a full time affair.

Who are these products for? Can anyone use them?

Our products are designed for anyone that has acne prone skin. I don’t really believe in skin types like dry or oily skin, that’s why I think that everyone that is prone to acne can benefit from our products. It’s a good skincare routine, that’s all there is to it.

However, we are not a medical treatment, which means that all acne cases should be treated by a dermatologist.


System Akvile Skincare