(Last updated 26 November 2021)


System Akviles’ foundational beliefs around honesty and transparency apply to how we market our products and services and communicate with users.

Personal data should never be exploited and taken advantage of by marketers to attract attention. All of our actions comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We are convinced that our marketing efforts and strategies must provide genuine value to the target audience to earn their attention and their trust.

This ethical marketing policy describes the practices we follow and the commitments we have made to assure that we are meeting or exceeding the highest ethical standards of our industry.

We Commit to Honesty in Marketing

We commit ourselves to absolute honesty in all of our marketing projects.

We promise that:

  • We never use dishonest marketing tactics, including:
    • false advertising, such as misrepresenting or exaggerating values and advantages of our products and services;
    • fake or manipulated reviews and testimonials;
    • inflated or inaccurate analytics or results.
  • We only use representative information in our marketing and communications.
  • We accurately describe our products and services and only use appropriate language and wording to reflect them.

Ongoing Reflections of our Efforts

To guarantee our efforts meet the highest ethical standards we constantly ask ourselves the subsequent questions:

  • Are we honestly describing the values and benefits of our products and services, using appropriate and accurate language?
  • Is any of our advertisements or messaging misleading or exaggerated?
  • Do we correctly quote our users when we post reviews or testimonials of our products and services? 

We Commit to Consent-Based Email Marketing

When using email marketing, we ensure that all recipients have opted in to receive marketing messages from us.

We operate our email marketing in compliance with the GDPR as set out further in our Privacy Policy.

Our email marketing focuses on providing value to the recipient in the form of free content.

We Commit to Rejecting Impact Washing

Impact washing is when a company makes claims that exaggerate their positive outcome without actually making demonstrable positive social or environmental impact. Companies do that in particular to gain a marketing advantage or to cover up or distract from negative outcomes in other areas.

We commit to rejecting the practice of impact washing. We will not exaggerate our positive impact to gain marketing advantage or distract from any socially or environmentally negative impacts.

We promise that:

  • We do and will not practice impact washing;
  • We won’t exaggerate our positive outcome;
  • We are honest and transparent about the impacts of our work.
  • We constantly review our actions to ensure that we are not engaging in impact-washing.

We Commit to Ethical Digital Advertising

System Akvile ensures that the content we promote through digital advertising is honest, accurate and ethical.

We promise that we are:

  •   always making true claims about our products or services;
  •   making sure users can tell what is paid advertising vs what is editorial content.

We Commit to Cultural Sensitivity

Many marketing campaigns and messages have the potential to be insensitive.

To avoid insensitivity, we are including others in the process of creating marketing campaigns and promoting a culture of self-awareness. Messages and marketing campaigns are sensitively positioned in the appropriate market.

We Commit to White Hat Search Engine Optimization

Search engines use algorithms to determine what content to display first. That opens up the opportunity for manipulation.

Manipulative or unethical tactics in relation to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing are being called “black hat” tactics. On the other hand, "white hat" tactics are based on providing valuable and useful content that matches what users and search algorithms are looking for.

We practice and encourage the following white hat tactics:

  • User-centric, creating content that conveys our mission and adds value for users;

  • Using PR and aligned partnerships to build links;

  • Publishing valuable content that others want to link to, building organic links;

  • Creating useful 404 pages with good navigation;

  • Helping users to find the applicable content by correctly using redirects.

We avoid and discourage all black hat tactics, such as the following:

  • Hiding content or links on purpose so that only the search engines can find them;

  • Purchasing links or using software or online bots to build links;

  • Intentionally mislead our users to content that was not the content that organic search returned;

  • Keywords stuffing.

We Commit to Update these Practices Constantly

We will update our practices along with the development of technologies and the best market standard. 

Questions and Feedback

We welcome any questions or feedback you may have. If you want to learn more about our approach to ethical marketing, provide feedback or file a complaint please do not hesitate to contact us via email: team@systemakvile.com 

For further information on how we manage data view our privacy policy and our app privacy policy.