Akvile AI - the future of skin health in your smartphone

10% of the world's population suffers from skin conditions, and Akvile AI is here to help you take control of your skin health.

Holistic approach to skincare
through technology

Connect your skin metrics to your lifestyle, habits, hormonal health, and the skin care products you use.

Through AI technology and

Use the app daily to get skin recommendations
from our AI and experts.

Our users know the
value we provide

Our product is designed by and for people with skin conditions because we, your Akvile AI team, understand your pain and want to give you a solution.

How does Akvile AI work?

Use our AI tool to understand your current skin condition

Our AI tool helps you to analyze the following skin scores: acne, hydration, redness, pigmentation, pores, and uniformness.

If any of your scores are below 80, you will receive recommendations to help your skin.

Use this analysis to track how your skin responds to specific skin care products, dietary changes, or even climate.

Get your personalized recommendations on a daily and monthly basis

Your skin does not work separately from your body, and triggers for each skin condition may be different.

Does your skin react to dairy products, stress or certain ingredients? Fill out your Daily Questions to get answers and analytics on a daily or monthly basis.

Scan the skincare products you
use to optimize your routine

Is your skincare routine working? Improve it with akvile AI based on your skin's needs and preferences. 

We accept all skincare choices and brands, feel free to be yourself with our app!

We care about the skin and health journey of our users.

And your data is safe with us. Read more

Developed by professionals and
misson - driven team

Our mission is to make skin health accessible worldwide because everyone
deserves to feel good in their skin, no matter where you, our user, come from.

Dr. Akvile Ignotaite

Founder & CEO,
PhD in Data Science
Acne-prone skin

Dr. Grzegorz Stanislawski

practicing dermatologist
Acne-prone skin

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