The skincare guide for acne prone skin

Learn how to build an effective skincare routine that works for you

One thing’s for sure

When it comes to your acne prone skin and finding skincare products that actually work, it can feel like a total minefield at times! Yet, despite this, there is one thing that can really help you to manage your skin and that is a good, consistent skincare routine.

When it comes to skincare, you might need to unlearn some of the things you’ve been told. Firstly, your skin type doesn’t matter as much as you might think it does, secondly, there are no quick fixes or miracles and thirdly, all you need is 4 products and time to see the results.

If you are not sure what "acne prone skin" means then read our guide about acne prone skin to learn more.


Every good skincare routine starts with this crucial step. Cleansing is more than just about taking your makeup off. You need to cleanse properly to remove dirt, excess sebum and traces of makeup. For acne prone skin look for gentle, foaming cleansers.

Look out for active ingredients like Salicylic Acid
Use your cleanser every morning and every night!


Exfoliating your skin regularly will keep it looking fresh. This is because exfoliating lifts the dead skin cells off your skin preventing these from blocking your pores and revealing the new skin underneath. You don’t need a scratchy scrub to do this, choose acid exfoliation instead.

AHA and BHA are great for treating all kinds of skin
Look for gentle ingredients like Azelaic acid
Start slowly and make sure to read the instructions
Milder exfoliants can be used everyday


We all get breakouts or big spots right before important events in our lives! Target these zits properly with a non-drying spot treatment and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

Look for anti-inflammatory agents like Zinc PCA and Ictasol
Avoid large amounts of alcohol in your skincare products
Use a target whenever you need it
Use several times a day until the spot disappears completely


Everyone needs to moisturize, regardless of their skin type. A good moisturizer should replenish your skin with long-lasting moisture and protect your skin.

You don't need another "mattifying" solution
Look for soothing ingredients such as Niacinamide and Squalane
Apply your moisturizer twice a day as the last step in your routine

Our last tips and tricks

Use sunscreen (especially if you are using active ingredients and you are planning to stay outside longer than 15 min). Don’t pick your spots, however tempting it might be. Go easy on the active ingredients and ditch the scrubs!

Build a skincare routine into your life and you’ll be more likely to stick to it. As there are no quick fixes, set yourself goals ideally 42 days/6 weeks to use the same 4 products every morning and evening.

Avoid changing products or routine during that time and wait to see the first results.

We believe in demystifying skincare

There is no topical skin treatment that acts against all four of the major problems of acne prone skin: attached skin cells (hyperkeratinization), sebum over-production, bacteria and inflammation.

We’re all about keeping it simple with 4 products and 1 routine to help you to choose and to use skincare that actually works with your skin.

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