Why System Akvile?

There’s more to worry about in life than your skin.

Trust us, we know. But, chances are, if you have blemishes in your adult age, your “problem skin” is probably something you worry about a lot,
and it takes all your attention.

You’ve probably tried the million and one supposed “one-quick-fixes” designed to clear up your breakouts and been let down every. single. time.

If you are done with the fake promises and the “miracle products”, you want to learn more about your skin health and identify your acne triggers, then you’ve come to the right place. The System Akvile app is the right choice for you!

Our Story

Like so many of us, our founder, Dr Akvile Ignotaite, had problems with her skin for as long as she could remember.

She tried everything and hopped from product to product and piled them all on in an attempt to get rid of her pimples and/or prevent new ones, only to be let down again and again. What’s more, Akvile realized that her product-hopping mainly led to skin irritation, and it was a waste of both her time, energy and money. And, sadly, we’ve all been there!

After struggling with her skin throughout her PhD and feeling frustrated by the lack of solutions for adult acne, she decided to get serious about her skin. That’s when System Akvile came to life, first as a blog and skincare brand in 2019. And later, as an app planform, in 2021.

What is more, Akvile is joined by co-founder of System Akvile Dr. Grzegorz Stanislawski – a practicing dermatologist from Hamburg. He also spent a long time dealing with his acne on his own. And that’s why he went on to become a dermatologist and joined the System Akvile team. With System Akvile, founder Akvile is also flipping the script and carving out a space within the beauty industry for female founders. The beauty and technology industries in 2019, although more diverse than they were, were and still are very much dominated by men, which means that many skin health solutions don't cater for the needs of those who actually use them. 

System Akvile is here to disrupt outdated beauty standards and put the spotlight on adult acne. At System Akvile, we are focusing on skincare, nutrition and wellbeing to help you take your skin back under control. 

Our Mission

System Akvile wants to change the approach to skin health. The market is currently highly fragmented and does not meet the short and long-term needs of adults with blemished skin. 40% of Millennials and GenZs are dealing with breakouts on a regular basis. With an ever increasing number of people suffering from acne, an innovative and sustainable approach is very much needed.

We promise that we won’t play with your insecurities because we want you to feel confident in your skin. We know the struggle can be very real and we’re here to support you on your skin journey!

Our Solution

System Akvile is developing the system we all dreamed about when we were going through our skin journeys. 

The tools within our app help identify skin triggers and keep track of daily habits. Moreover, we are providing a safe space for people with acne-prone skin.

Every time we develop the app, we focus on our users’ needs. Today, we offer:

  • A Face Scan that uses AI technology to read skin surface topography to assess acne, hydration, pigmentation, pores, redness, and uniformness.
  • SA 6-week Skin Health Program so everyone can find the latest info about how to deal with acne-prone skin.
  • A Daily Questionnaire so you can record your daily lifestyle and skincare habits.
  • Personalized Statistics and Tags so that you can customize the app for yourself.
  • Skin-friendly Recipes.
  • A Skin School in which you can learn more about skin with our practicing dermatologist Dr. Greg.

System Akvile has all the tools that users with blemished skin need to start and continue their skin health journey. 

The Skin Positive App Platform

#skinpositivity is more than just a hashtag for us, it’s a life changing movement! Skin positivity means rejecting old beauty standards
and embracing our “problem skin.” 

Skin positivity means leaving the house without makeup sometimes, looking into the mirror and liking what you see, saying f*ck it and facing the world with everything you’ve got. 

We believe that your habits towards healthier skin should support and
inspire you – not hold you back.

Welcome to System Akvile, we’re so happy you're here!