Julie - How an International Lifestyle Affected my Skin

No drama, but no perfection either.
Since I was a kid, I never had perfect skin. In a way, I've been very lucky as I never had acne, but always had to deal with various skin concerns - dryness, and dermatitis, which comes back every year because of cold weather and stress. When I hit puberty, I would get the occasional pimple (thank you hormones), and would do clay mask after clay mask on it until it dried out. I also discovered tea tree oil, which is an amazing ingredient, but a terrible thing to put on your skin without mixing it first. Obviously, I didn't moisturize either.
I slowly started educating myself on skincare and built up my routine, focusing on my skin concerns. Who knew we had to wash our faces at night and moisturize twice a day?

Constant climate changes took a toll on my skin

A year ago, I started living between Paris and Tunis. That means spending a lot of time on airplanes, and dealing with big changes in temperatures -  from rainy Paris in the winter, to very hot temperatures in the summer. Those constant environmental changes have taken a toll on my skin. Though normal, it started going from very dry in the winter to quite oily in the summer, with breakouts almost every week.

Tunisian cuisine hasn't helped my skin either - so many fried foods! Obviously, I can't resist a bambalouni, those delicious Tunisian donuts, or ice cream. But unhealthy eating habits, although I try to limit myself, are adding to the already existing hormonal breakouts.

I have never really been into makeup, do not own foundation and healthy skin has always been my main concern… and yet, I can't seem to go a week without a pimple lately! They always take a long time to heal, and despite the huge amount of sunscreen I lather my face in every morning, scars tend to fade completely only after a month.

A skincare discovery was made

System Akvile Friends Julie

Not so long ago, I discovered chemical exfoliants, and acids. It felt like a revolution for me - I didn't have to use aggressive beads on my sensitive skin.

When I met System Akvile on Instagram, I went on their website to check their claims - clear skin, without using silicones, which I try to avoid as much as possible, and without fragrance, which is the death of everyone with sensitive skin. Having tried anti-blemish skincare before, I have often been disappointed with the ingredients or the skin-stripping happening after every use.

I am so ready to try System Akvile and get my skin 100% clear, to match my tan by the end of the summer!

This story was written by Julie. Capture her daily adventures on Instagram @juliediemaus  :)