Philina - Change in City, Change in Skin

What is your history with acne-prone skin?

My skin problems began when I made the move to a new city. I was stressed and my diet suffered - which I believe led to an increase in spots. I’ve struggled to improve my skin, trying anything from home remedies & medicines to cosmetics. I find breakouts make me feel uncomfortable in myself and unhealthy - I’m becoming really tired of trying to improve it when nothing seems to be working.    

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How have you tried to improve your acne-prone skin? Have these methods helped?

As I mentioned above I have tried a range of different methods. Cosmetics didn’t work for me, however, some home remedies did actually improve my skin - but frustratingly it was only temporary. Only the medicines worked long term but they worsened my mood - making me sleepy & angry.  

What was your last skincare routine like?

Simple. I would clean my skin with hypoallergenic soap - AM & PM.

What is your current skincare routine?

My current routine is one I chose myself. I clean my face with a wet towel and then moisturize - AM & PM. Moisturizing is so important for me. It balances out my acne-prone skin!

Are you familiar with the idea of holistic skincare?

Yes and I’m already trying to incorporate the SA holistic mentality into my life.

I workout 3 times a week, think more about what and how I eat (e.g. I try and avoid sugar & high processed foods). I also make sure to take some breaks in the day to relax, stop thinking about my duties and take some deep breaths. On the weekends I also go for long walks and do yoga.

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What do you want from your skincare products?

I want my skincare products to be non-irritants and keep my skin moisturized. I like simple easy-to-use products that are travel-friendly - as I travel a lot during the year. I am so ready to try System Akvile!

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