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System Akvile Stories

How Your pH Level May Be Damaging Your Skin

There are so many things to take into account when caring for our skin. What causes spots? Which products/formulas/brands should I use? How do I know if a product is right for me? The list goes on... However, one thing people often don’t take into account is the pH level of their skin & the products that they are using. For some reason the topic of pH isn’t commonly spoken about in the mainstream skincare world, even though this subject is really relevant when it comes to the possibility of improving our skin. I know that I, for one, had no clue about pH levels and how these could affect my skin. Only when I began to dig a little...
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Why Self-Care is Important

I'm the worst at taking care of myself. It's a really bad habit of mine, and self-care is always on my list of "to dos." You'll find it right there in the #1 position: "remember to take care of yourself." But somehow as the days and weeks go by, it slips from position one to position fifteen, until it eventually drops off the list. Then I put it right back at the top of the list at the beginning of the next month. Unfortunately, I'm so busy with work, making time for friends and family, as well as trying to squeeze in some time to eat and sleep, that self-care rituals get pushed back. This can be anything from reading...
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The Process of Developing the SA Products

What is the thinking behind the ‘system’ in System Akvile? What I learned from my skincare journey is that one product will not help if the rest of my daily routine is no good for my skin. I think in terms of products the right basics are key - there is so much out there that it’s easy to get lost and confused. But I also believe that in combination with the right products a few holistic lifestyle changes can also contribute to better skin. A ‘system’ is a set of things working together as parts of an interconnecting network. That’s what we do at SA, we combine our products with holistic lifestyle changes. That’s why I chose the name...
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Is There Such a Thing as Beauty Sleep?

At one point or another, everyone experiences a sleepless night. In short, it's the worst. You get up the morning feeling disoriented, exhausted, and groggy. Not even the strongest cup of coffee will help you. While the occasional sleepless night is ok, prolonged insomnia is detrimental to your health and can disrupt your memory, make you less alert, and can even contribute to obesity. So when you tell someone that you need to get your beauty sleep, it's definitely true! Getting a good night's sleep will make you happier, healthier, and more alert, so how do you keep the dreaded sleepless night from rearing its ugly head? Here are 5 tips to help you fall asleep with ease. 1. Turn...
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Can You Eat Your Way to Better Skin?

As skincare products become more and more high-tech, the way to better skin may still come from simpler beginnings - your grocery store aisles. There are so many different scientific theories these days that say our diet may affect our skin’s health - one of the ways I have tried this out is by eating a low-glycemic-index diet. But does this contribute to a blemish-free face and a healthy glow? To figure out how the Glycemic Index may affect you and your complexion, first you need to understand how it works... The Glycemic Index - What Actually Is It? An increasing amount of studies indicate that certain nutrients, foods, or dietary patterns may affect our skin positively and negatively. One...
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How to Start (and Continue) Food Journaling

Do you feel stuck in your fitness pursuits? Have you been experiencing breakouts, tried every solution in the book, and just can’t seem to figure out what’s making your skin freak out? It may be time to start a food journal. Food journaling sounds easy. You just write down what you eat, what you were doing while eating, and how you felt before and after eating. Simple, right? Not so much. Food journaling takes a lot of dedication, and is a huge step towards self-care, self-love, and staying committed to something (all of which I have trouble with, sometimes). Not to worry, though, we’ve got it all lined out for you, so you can start food journaling with ease. What...
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How to Start a New Health Habit

I've struggled with healthy body image for almost as long as I can remember. I was always too this or too that, and never satisfied with what I saw in the mirror. It doesn't help that you always see skinny, beautiful people on TV and in the magazines. To top it all off, I've always found it difficult to form new, healthy habits. It has taken me forever to get to the gym on an even semi-regular basis. Life has a bad habit of getting in the way, and sometimes it just doesn't work out. So how have I managed to come to terms with the body and habits that I have? And how should you go about starting a...
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Why Does Stress Have an Impact on My Acne Prone Skin?

You might not like to hear it, but stress has a purpose in our lives. Stress can be a motivating factor; acting as that push you need to get something done. Stress is the body's way of dealing with a challenge or a perceived opponent, and can cause changes in the body which cause you to focus more, be more alert, and generally gets you to overcome whatever stressor you're currently facing. However, being in a state of constant, or near constant, stress has some detrimental effects on your health and overall well-being. Unfortunately, modern life seems to force us into a state of near constant stress, what with work, social commitments, and somehow trying to find a little bit...
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Don't Fight Stress, Fight the Stressors

Stress is an unfortunate constant in many of our lives. There always seems to be some task to get done, something to worry about, and something to keep us up at night. Whether it's money problems, work, or home life, stress is part of life. Unfortunately though, that's a huge issue. According to a recent Gallup poll, 8 out of 10 Americans are under almost constant stress. And it's well proven that stress has adverse effects on our health. There is so much advice out there about how to fight stress, but what if stress isn't the real problem we need to be fighting? What if it's the stressors that we need to fight? Here are some tips to help...
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The Benefits of Having a Routine

I used to hate having a routine. I always thought that spontaneous is better, that each day can be lived more fully when you don't have a routine holding you back, and that routines were for squares. Then one day when I got older, I realized that I was craving something. I needed some kind of structure in my life to help me manage stress, and to feel like I was a real adult with real responsibilities who was fully settled in their life. What I was craving was a routine. One reason why I started System Akvile was that I realized and recognized the importance of a skincare routine. For all my life, I was treating my skin very...
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