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Do We Believe In Honest Beauty?

Everyone knows the feeling of being rejected, because we, people, are very judgmental about everything and everyone. We use labels, clichés and apply diverse standards. Especially when we talk about beauty. Why beauty? In our modern society we expect absolute perfection and immediate results. Do we feel ashamed, if we are different? Do we feel insecure, if we are imperfect? Do we feel unconfident, if we don’t feel beautiful?

Perfect Beauty?

Many years ago I had a date with a guy who dreamed about a perfectly beautiful girl (let’s say that my taste in guys was still in the development stage). His vision of perfection was probably based on the girls from magazine covers. During our first (and last!) dinner date he looked at me and started to judge me because I wasn’t perfect in his eyes. Ohh yes! And in his own eyes he was oh so perfect! Unfortunately, that arrogant guy affected my self-confidence very much. I felt so ugly and so embarrassed about myself.

Why am I telling you this story? Because now I’m very confident and I don’t really think and care about people like this guy anymore. You cannot be everybody’s darling! Maybe you can, but WHO wants to? Back then, I was a very insecure young woman with skin issues. It wasn’t the end of my world, but the constant acne breakouts and enlarged, clogged pores made me feel very insecure about myself.

Love Is Love ♥


Body shaming is a huge topic on social media. But it’s not shameful to be imperfect. I’m really in love with this positive movement of real and honest beauty because we all are perfect in our imperfections.

Every skin is different. Every skin concern is so personal. But that shouldn’t make you lose your cool and passion.

Keep shining, baby, because breakouts and pimples will disappear, but true beauty keeps blinding forever! Sounds romantic? I know, it does.