Sophie’s Journey to Clearer Skin

I honestly didn't believe that I would ever find a brand of skincare that would work for my oily/combination acne-prone skin. I had tried everything...and I mean everything. If I saw a new product in the store, I would buy it to see if it worked. Some things helped somewhat, but nothing ever helped the way I wanted it to. It was so frustrating to be so close, yet so far away, to a treatment for my skin.

Then I met Akvile in Hamburg at the co-working space where we both work. She told me that she was developing a skincare brand for acne-prone skin, and it seemed too good to be true. I was extremely skeptical, I'll admit, because I had tried everything on the market. Wouldn't this one just be more of the same?

We talked for a while about skincare and health, and I told her how I try to eat healthy, stay fit, and take care of my skin, but that something still wasn't working. Akvile told me about her skincare brand, how it focuses on all-round health as the key to good skin, and how she encourages a simple, effective routine. I was still on the fence, but figured that it couldn't hurt to give Akvile's product a try.

System Akvile Testimonial

The Starter Set

I started with her first kit: an acid exfoliant, a moisturizer, and a spot treatment. I used that until the new starter kit came out, which has a cleanser, acid exfoliant, moisturizer, and spot target treatment. I have to say, I've finally found a product I love.

I've been using System Akvile for 20 weeks, and my skin and complexion are both improving. I did have some setbacks over Christmas, when my blemishes started popping up again. I was so disappointed, and considered quitting altogether, and called Akvile to tell her. After a long conversation, she convinced me to keep using the products, because having healthy skin requires commitment, not a miracle. It turns out, she was right. What my skin needed was a routine, and ever since, it’s been getting better and better.

I think the idea of a routine as a system is perfect, as it has really helped me stick with it, even through the tough breakouts. My skin now looks and feels healthier, and it's really encouraging to see it improve step-by-step.

My skin is doing really well, and almost all inflamed blemishes are gone. Of course, I get breakouts now and then, especially since I have a bad habit of touching my face while I’m concentrating. But as a whole, it feels and looks healthier, which is a huge relief after all this time of looking for a skincare product that actually works for me. Thank you so much, System Akvile!

Sophie before


Sophie after

8-week later

My Skincare Routine

I use five products in my skincare routine: the System Akvile cleanser, exfoliant, Target SOS treatment, controlling moisturizer, and the Hyaluronic acid booster from Deciem.

Here's what I do:

AM: Exfoliate - Target - Moisturize + Hyaluronic booster

PM: Cleanse - Exfoliate - Target - Moisturize + Hyaluronic booster

System Akvile Testimonial Sophie

Happy skin (20-week later)

That's it!

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