Andy - Healthier Skin Gave Me Confidence

My interest in skincare basically began during my childhood summer vacations. After long relaxing days soaking up the sun on the beach I would use cream to keep my skin moisturized - it felt like such a treat!

During puberty I struggled with acne, this was definitely what lead to my interest in skincare. One particular visit to the dermatologist I was given a homemade cream, tonic and (strange smelling) face masks. My acne was gone after 4-weeks, and with its disappearance my confidence returned.

Find what’s right for your skin and you will also find yourself!

Healthier skin gave me confidence

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That's when I began to focus on finding the perfect skincare for myself. I found that being well-groomed and having self-confidence meant that I was performing harder, which still benefits my work with people today!

The challenges of modern skincare

Today, external influences are providing new challenges. Ozone pollution, environmental toxins and air pollution, to name just a few of our skins enemies. In this regard, skincare for me has to be one thing: practical. I don’t expose my skin to the elements a much as I used to and I no longer have lots of skincare steps. I like to travel, so I don’t have the time for this kind of routine. I like to keep it as simple and effective as possible these days.

Changing environment, changing skincare

Technology and the environment are changing - therefore, I try to keep my skin up to date and optimally adapt to changes and supply! These days I deal more consciously with my skin, however, I still like to test new products.

New skincare technologies fascinate me as there is so much progress! AHA and lactic acid are true revelations for our skin.

Good skincare is like building a house

When it comes to skincare, it's like building a house! You have to build on a good framework. System Akvile is such a good framework - it makes everyday life easier and can still be built upon! No matter what needs you have. Akvile is making sure we take care of our largest organ - the skin! Which is as unique as each person.

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