Eva’s skin(care) story - I didn’t give my skin a second thought

When I was younger I didn’t give my skin a second thought. This was due to the fact I never experienced acne or any other skin related problems. My skin began to struggle when I finished high school, went to college and started working as a model. These factors caused my routine, stress levels and diet to change (typical student behavior).

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Bad skincare will catch up on you

Due to modeling I started to realize how important it is to treat your skin right. If you don’t look after your skin, it’ll catch up on you - whether that is in 1 or 2 days or many years later.  

So, I started paying more attention to the different products available and became much more interested in skincare... but the problem was - I had no clue about ingredients or what my skin really needs.

Learning the hard way

As a result of  overdoing it and using the wrong skincare products I ended up with terrible perioral dermatitis. OMG, it was insane. Out of the blue my good skin was damaged, littered with irritations and sensitized. I almost went crazy figuring out which products could soothe my condition and help my skin to get better.

Only time will tell

At this time of my life I started to expand my knowledge about skin types, different conditions, solutions, ingredients and everything else about body and skin.

I wanted to find a quick solution to my skin problems but if I’m honest the best thing I did for my skin was cutting down on everything and letting time pass.

Eventually I won the fight against the perioral dermatitis and my skin is almost back like before.

Eva System Akvile Friends

Almost Happily Ever After

Nowadays the condition of my skin is totally fine. It is more on the sensitive side now and from time to time I get little whiteheads and the odd pimple around the chin area. I hate when this happens but these little suckers mostly appear when I am very stressed out and/or have a poor diet.

When I found System Akvile on Instagram I was immediately hooked. A young brand that focuses on making simple yet helpful, clean and also cute looking(!) products. Finally! I am really curious about testing these beauties and finding out what they will do to my skin.

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