The Idea Behind Holistic Skincare

All skincare is created equal, right? Wrong. Skincare, like anything, is a very personal choice. How you take care of your skin and the products you use can depend on everything from your budget to your skin type to your diet.

Here at System Akvile, we want to help you learn to incorporate the "Core Four," skincare, mind, nutrition, and body, so that your skincare routine becomes more thorough and wide-reaching than ever before.

It can be extremely frustrating to see progress with traditional skincare; take it from someone who has struggled with acne-prone skin for years. This is why we have started looking at skincare as a holistic, whole-body experience. Take your time, remember that slow and steady wins the race, and remind yourself that if you focus on your skin from the inside out, that it will reward you in the long run.


System Akvile Holistic Skincare Blog

One of our major goals with holistic skincare is to help you set up routines that you can sustain. Having a routine is great, but if it's an on/off again routine, it becomes hard to maintain, which can lead to inconsistent progress.

When it comes to skincare, the whole thing should be much easier than the beauty industry tries to tell you. You don't need millions of beauty products to take care of your skin, and most of the time, if you over-treat your skin it will end up breaking out. When it comes to your basic skincare routine, all you really need is a cleanser, an exfoliant, a spot treatment, and a moisturizer. That's it. Keep it simple, and proper routine will be much easier to maintain.

A quick fix won't be a beneficial in the long run, and being patient with your skin will end up benefiting you much more.


System Akvile Holistic Skincare Mind Blog

There is a definite mind-body connection, especially when it comes to your skin. Have you ever been really stressed out at work or in your private life, and then broken out or had another skin condition (such as eczema or psoriasis) flare up? It's all connected!

That's why we believe that a calmer, happier mind will lead to clearer, brighter skin. We want to help you find ways to relax, calm your mind, and de-stress. Whether that's through yoga, meditation, or just taking some time for yourself, we want to encourage you to find relaxation techniques that work for you, so that your skin's beauty can shine through (and you'll feel better, too).


System Akvile Holistic Skincare Nutrition Blog

Eating healthily is such a basic way of taking care of your skin, but it seems to always get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. If you only eat burgers, pizza, and ice cream all the time (as delicious as that might be), how do you think you'll end up feeling afterwards? How do you think your skin will react? Probably not well, right?

Taking care of yourself through the food you eat and making sure you stay hydrated is a wonderful way to show your body that you care about it. Your skin is the largest organ in the body, and it what it shows on the outside reflects what's going on in the inside.

As with anything related to your health, it's important for you to find what works for your body. Everyone's needs are different, so we can't tell you what you should definitely eat and what you should definitely avoid. However, we can tell you that eating well and eating healthily can change your whole body for the better...including your skin.


System Akvile Holistic Skincare Body Blog

One idea that the beauty industry pushes quite frequently is that people should be skinny and fit in order to be beautiful. While we believe that that is absolutely *not* the case, we do like to stress the importance of finding some sort of fitness routine. Fitness is a great way to relieve stress, and is beneficial for your mind and body (and that includes your skin).

Not everyone can or wants to be an Olympic weightlifter, yogi master, or marathon runner. However, we think that there's a fitness routine out there for just have to find what it is! It could be kick-boxing, rowing, swimming, dance, you name it! As long as you take the time to find something physical to do that you enjoy, your whole body, your mind, and also your skin, will thank you.

To sum it all up...

Holistic skincare is really the idea of the whole body connection.

If your whole body is healthy and well taken care of, your skin will reflect that. We aim to be an inclusive, motivating skincare brand that helps to guide you to sustainable, easy routines to a healthier, happier you with glowing skin.

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