Piotr’s Round-the-world Skincare Discovery

My baby-face skin disappeared as soon as I turned 12-years-old, I think. I had a lot of breakouts all over my face, I didn't know much about skincare back then, and my skincare routine didn't exist at all. Everyone told me not to worry, because they said it would all be over when I turned 19 and ended puberty.

During those many years, I experimented with makeup rather than focusing on a proper skincare routine.

When I turned 19, nothing much had changed, obviously. I had fewer breakouts, but my skin was far from healthy looking. This was when I started to educate myself more, focusing only on good ingredients and so on.  

The exciting journey finally has begun.

System Akvile Products

My journey to skincare

I used to work as a cabin crew member for Emirates, and I have traveled all over the world. There were times when I had a flight to Australia, then back to Dubai to rest for two days, and then I was off to London again. I could talk for days about the climate changes, different temperatures, and the fact that I spent most of my time on a plane. You can imagine that my skin was not the biggest fan of my routine.

Two months ago, I moved back to Copenhagen and I started my Instagram. I started posting only about skincare. In the last few months, I’ve become very passionate about it, and my goal is to help other people by educating them, posting interesting content, engaging with people, and answering all their questions. There is always a little bit of information in my posts, so I'm really hoping people will always get something out of it.

It is also an exciting time for me, because while I'm not a specialist or an expert, and I don't have any background in dermatology, I'm still able to learn so much every day by writing these posts and doing a lot of research.

Finding System Akvile

I'm so glad that my path crossed with System Akvile. I went to their website, had a look at the ingredients in their products, and I was all in. Only the best ingredients, a simple routine, and one goal - to get that skin clear and healthy.

I’ve heard the word “holistic” many times before, but have never really dived into it. When our paths crossed, I started to educate myself and read a lot about it, especially on their website. I fully support the idea behind their skincare!

I was already aware how diet can affect the skin, but I still have a lot of work to do, especially when it comes to meditating, being more consistent with exercise, and even eating healthier. There was the idea, but now it is the time for action. All in the name of good skincare!

System Akvile Products

Looking to the future

At the moment, I'm using a lot of products on my skin, as I review them and am swapping them around quite often.

My routine is very advanced, and I use everything from oil cleansers, to chemical, enzymatic exfoliants, to face masks and facial oils. But that doesn't mean I don't have the essentials I go for when I have a specific skin concern.

I still have breakouts and pimples popping up on my face on a weekly basis, so I really need simple, powerful, and effective ingredients in products for acne-prone skin.

I'm really looking forward to trying System Akvile, and I can’t wait to fall in love with it and have it boost my routine.

I want to be a role model and prove to everyone, especially guys, that a skincare routine is essential and that with System Akvile it is possible to transform your face.

The skincare products I use should have the best ingredients and I want the products to work properly, which is why I choose System Akvile.

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