Meet Our New Friend Medisa!

Today we hung out with one of our new SA friends, Medisa, to talk about skincare, setbacks & System Akvile. Medisa is at the start of her SA journey and will begin by using the new Starter Set for one week. Let’s get to know Medisa a bit better, shall we?

What is your history with acne-prone skin?

“I’m prone to acne and have been fighting blemishes for almost half my life - it began when I was young, around 11, I’m 20 now! I’ve tried so many methods to improve my skin but nothing I’ve done so far seems to last. Which is really frustrating.”

How have you tried to improve your acne-prone skin? Have these methods helped?

“I’ve been to way too many doctors (over 5 I think) and they gave me lots of different products to try - from creams to oral medication. I encountered a lot of setbacks through this process. The prescribed products would often improve my skin while I was using them but as soon as I stopped (you couldn’t always use these products for a long time) my skin went right back to where it started. Not the result I was looking for.”

What do you want from your skincare products?

“Well, firstly, I’d like them to work in the long-term. Also it’s important to me that my products are fragrance-free and don’t contain paraben or alcohol as I know these things aren’t good for my skin.”

System Akvile Testimonial

What was your last skincare routine like?

“My last skincare routine was prescribed by my doctor, I was given a cleanser and 3 creams to use every night. I’ve come to the end of this routine though, since it didn’t really work for me. Now I’m ready to give something new a try.”

What is your current skincare routine?  

“I’ve just begun the System Akvile skincare routine. I use 4 products in my routine: the System Akvile Cleanser, Exfoliant, SOS Target Treatment & Moisturizer. I’m excited to try the new products, and the Cleanse-Exfoliate-Target-Moisturize regime seems super straightforward, which I like. I’m looking forward to seeing the results!” 

Medisa’s System Akvile skincare routine

AM: Cleanse - Target - Moisturize

PM: Cleanse - Exfoliate - Target - Moisturize  

System Akvile Testimonial Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin

Curious to hear from Medisa again? Check out our instagram @systemakvile, or our SA Stories for her updates!

P.S.  Acne is a medical condition, that’s why if you suspect you have developed acne, you should visit your dermatologist immediately. If you have acne-prone skin, prevention is key! At System Akvile we are focused on prevention and improvement - not medical treatment!