Lærke - Finding the Path to Clearer Skin

When I was a girl, I was often told I had perfect skin. Even in my teenage years, the most I had was a couple of spots here and there.

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School, stress and skin

However this all began to change. School put a lot of pressure on me. I found my subjects really hard and felt pressures to fit in and follow the unspoken dress code.

All the stress from peer pressure, exams, and retakes caused my skin to start breaking out. It was worse during the stressful times, but gradually it became more and more permanent. The pimples no longer going like they used to.

Makeup: ‘less is more’ to ‘more is more’

I never used to wear a ton of makeup. This was mainly because I never figured out what to do with it. So I just didn’t bother to wear it.

This all changed when I started getting comments like “maybe you should use some foundation” or “you look tired/sick”. So, I gave into people's criticism - I bought a ton of makeup and tried my best to cover up my skin. This, as you may have guessed, didn’t work.

Expensive doesn’t always mean good

All this time I was working out and trying to live healthily - but I couldn't really find my way. Not until recently when I started to find myself again. I started studying to be a yoga guide and trying to find a way to clear up my skin. I was really focused on being healthy, exercising, using expensive products from ads, and drinking a ton of water - all the things recommended, right?

What I didn’t think of - and actually hadn’t realized before I got in touch with Akvile - is that you can’t just buy a load of pricey, on trend products and expect them to work.

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Clarity at last

It all makes a lot more sense now. Our body and mind are connected and our skin is a big part of that. Just like you wouldn't feed your body with junk all the time, you shouldn't feed your skin those things either. It’s all connected.

I’m really looking forward to finding a product that matches my skin and being more mindful about how everything is connected.

Akvile isn’t just helping with skincare, she’s also helping with overall lifestyle and I’m so grateful to be a part of this journey.

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