Trying to improve my skin has been a bumpy ride - with a lot of road blocks along the way. Having a combination skin type that is prone to breakouts can be seriously hard to treat. You name it, I’ve tried it. At one point I had up to 10 steps in my skincare routine - 10 steps! Crazy right? The funny thing is as soon as I cut down on products and simplified my routine, my skin became infinitely better.

This is where the System Akvile 4-step skincare routine began...

System Akvile Products Skincare Routine

Our mantra: cleanse-exfoliate-target-moisturize.

Beginning a simple and consistent routine is important. Switching products all the time & looking for the quick-fix can work temporarily - but in the long-term your skin suffers. I know mine did. In order to see prolonged change I decided to focus on four holistic steps - nutrition, body, mind, and skincare. My new simpler skincare routine that was the catalyst for my skin’s healthy glow - and the rest of the holistic steps helped to keep it that way!

The System Akvile Skincare Goal

The goal of the System Akvile skincare routine is to work on your complexion so it’s functioning at its best, and to target the problem areas you want to improve. This should be as simple as possible for you, no fuss - just results.

We’ll guide you through System Akvile’s skincare routine clearly by explaining the following:

  1. How does each product work?
  2. When should you use each product?
  3. System Akvile’s skincare steps

Let’s get started!

1. How does each product work? 

System Akvile Acne Prone Skincare Routine

#Step 1 - Cleanser: 

Our facial cleanser removes dirt, makeup and other pollutants from the skin.

A clean face is a blank canvas - it allows the other products you use to do their jobs properly, resulting in more vibrant skin.

This product is a gentler alternative to soap or other sensitizing cleansers, which remove natural oils and dry the skin. It is able to remove the dirt and sebum without disturbing the skin's natural moisture barrier.

#Step 2 - Exfoliant: 

We believe that exfoliation is an important factor to glowing & healthy looking skin.

Dead skin cells can become stuck to the skin’s surface - for people with acne-prone skin this may cause pimples due to a build-up of dead cells, dirt, sebum and bacteria in the pores. Proper exfoliation can gently lift dead skin cells uncovering fresh new cells below and improving skin texture.

Our powerful blend of lactic, citric, malic & tartaric acids (AHAs) as well as salicylic acid (BHA) is effective in preventing blocked pores and reducing an uneven looking complexion.

#Step 3 - SOS Target: 

Sometimes our skin needs and extra helping hand to get rid of blemishes. When acne-prone skin is your issue topical target treatment can be the most effective way help.

This super-light product does not contain any harsh, irritating ingredients and easily absorbs into the skin.

Our combination of active ingredients help to fight existing blemishes effectively and reduce inflammation while calming irritated acne-prone skin.

#Step 4 - Moisturizer: 

Keeping skin hydrated is an important step toward keeping it healthy. Moisturizing can enhance the functioning of the uppermost layer of skin (known as the stratum corneum). Meaning the skin is less vulnerable to dirt and in turn blemishes.

Our moisturizer offers skin restoring, lipid balancing and protective properties - giving acne-prone skin long lasting hydration.

2. When should you use each product?

#Step 1 - Cleanser: 

Use twice daily. First in the morning, then in the evening, to prep your skin before using exfoliant.

#Step 2 - Exfoliant: 

Use in the evening. Cleanse your skin thoroughly before applying this product.

Can be used as a daily exfoliant and/or weekly 10-minute mask or leave-on treatment (2-3x week). Avoid use on wet skin, eye area and mucous membranes.

#Step 3 - SOS Target: 

Apply when needed (anytime) on the affected areas, spots and blemishes.

#Step 4 - Moisturizer: 

Use twice daily. First in the morning, then in the evening. Apply to clean, dry skin.

Our tip -

AM routine: focus on prevention and protection for the day ahead.

PM routine: focus on cleansing and repair.

3. Akvile’s skincare steps

System Akvile Products

These are the products in your skincare routine that are System Akvile absolutes. They, ideally, should be used everyday, morning and evening.

What is my daily routine?

AM Daily Routine:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Target
  3. Moisturizer

PM Daily Routine:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Exfoliant (3-4x week as a mask)
  3. Target
  4. Moisturizer

System Akvile daily routine hacks:

I also use our Cleanser as my makeup remover sometimes & if I feel like I need some extra help for my pimples I’ll use our SOS Target Treatment anytime I feel I need it (It’s super lightweight so I carry it everywhere I go).

I’m addicted to my weekly deep exfoliation because it’s such an easy way to leave my skin feeling even smoother and more radiant!

For more information on System Akvile’s attitude to skincare check out this. If you want an extra helping hand with your holistic skincare needs you can find some helpful tricks and tricks on our social media.

P.S. We like to keep things honest. If you suspect that you have developed acne that is proving incredibly difficult to treat by yourself the best thing you can do is see a dermatologist. We want to help your progress, not hinder it.