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System Akvile Friends

Philina - Change in City, Change in Skin

What is your history with acne-prone skin? My skin problems began when I made the move to a new city. I was stressed and my diet suffered - which I believe led to an increase in spots. I’ve struggled to improve my skin, trying anything from home remedies & medicines to cosmetics. I find breakouts make me feel uncomfortable in myself and unhealthy - I’m becoming really tired of trying to improve it when nothing seems to be working.     How have you tried to improve your acne-prone skin? Have these methods helped? As I mentioned above I have tried a range of different methods. Cosmetics didn’t work for me, however, some home remedies did actually improve my skin -...
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Julie - How an International Lifestyle Affected my Skin

No drama, but no perfection either. Since I was a kid, I never had perfect skin. In a way, I've been very lucky as I never had acne, but always had to deal with various skin concerns - dryness, and dermatitis, which comes back every year because of cold weather and stress. When I hit puberty, I would get the occasional pimple (thank you hormones), and would do clay mask after clay mask on it until it dried out. I also discovered tea tree oil, which is an amazing ingredient, but a terrible thing to put on your skin without mixing it first. Obviously, I didn't moisturize either. I slowly started educating myself on skincare and built up my routine,...
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Millie's Skincare Story

It all started with a few innocent spots on my forehead when I was around 11. After that, it escalated. By fifteen, my life revolved around monthly dermatologist appointments, prescription meds, including antibiotics, and a dozens of different face creams that would do nothing besides making my skin ache even more. My face was covered in pimples, especially on my temples. I suffered from chronic inflammation, I was in constant pain all the time - when it wasn’t from inflamed spots, it was from the super harsh chemicals in creams, gels, exfoliants and face washes that would literally burn my skin. I tried pretty much everything, from magnetizers to facials. Then, I met my two saviors - the pill and...
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Tajda - Veganism, Stress, and Skincare Issues

When I turned vegan, I had extremely high and unrealistic expectations of how that would influence my whole entire life. Don't get me wrong, it certainly had a noticeable effect on many aspects of my life, and now being a vegan blogger and food photographer, a fully plant-based diet is something I can't imagine walking away from anytime soon. Or ever. But it doesn't change the fact that the year that I turned vegan was also one of the most stressful, demanding, and busiest periods of my life so far – I studied abroad, finished my master's degree, emigrated to my dream country, started my own business while still being employed part-time, and moved 5 times in 15 months. It...
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Meet Our New Friend Medisa!

Today we hung out with one of our new SA friends, Medisa, to talk about skincare, setbacks & System Akvile. Medisa is at the start of her SA journey and will begin by using the new Starter Set for one week. Let’s get to know Medisa a bit better, shall we? What is your history with acne-prone skin? “I’m prone to acne and have been fighting blemishes for almost half my life - it began when I was young, around 11, I’m 20 now! I’ve tried so many methods to improve my skin but nothing I’ve done so far seems to last. Which is really frustrating.” How have you tried to improve your acne-prone skin? Have these methods helped? “I’ve...
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Sophie’s Journey to Clearer Skin

I honestly didn't believe that I would ever find a brand of skincare that would work for my oily/combination acne-prone skin. I had tried everything...and I mean everything. If I saw a new product in the store, I would buy it to see if it worked. Some things helped somewhat, but nothing ever helped the way I wanted it to. It was so frustrating to be so close, yet so far away, to a treatment for my skin. Then I met Akvile in Hamburg at the co-working space where we both work. She told me that she was developing a skincare brand for acne-prone skin, and it seemed too good to be true. I was extremely skeptical, I'll admit, because...
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Genna's Clear Skin Mission

I have very recently had the opportunity to test the Starter Kit. I was a little dubious at first, as I don’t normally follow a proper skincare routine. The first reason being; I have never found a routine that was worth the time or effort it takes to do it properly. The second reason; I have a 4-month old baby who likes to take up just about every waking moment I have... About my skin... I have never had major issues with my skin, but now that I am older (just kidding!), I get patches of dead skin that my makeup seems to cake onto, and I have under-the-skin acne that are tiny bumps along my jawline and cheeks. I...
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