4 Ways to Target Acne Prone Skin

So this is a pretty obvious one. An good skincare routine is the ‘front line’ way to target acne prone skin. But how do we make our skincare routine as effective as possible?

When Simpler Skincare Means Clearer Skin

Simplify It

Keep it simple, the less steps you can incorporate the easier it is to maintain a consistent skincare routine. I have managed to cut it down to 4-steps (sometimes 3!) with the System Akvile cleanse-exfoliate-target-moisturize mantra.

Educate Yourself

Learning what is in your products, which ones work together and how they benefit your skin is an important part of developing an effective skincare routine.

Some products can be misleading and have ingredients that damage your skin, you need to understand the ingredients in order to avoid these.

Read the ingredients list on the products and research the effects they can have. If you find something that is not on the official list of cosmetic ingredients then there’s a chance that it may not be great for you or your skin. Remember, keeping a fact-based approach is important, don’t let trends and empty promises mislead you.

How Skin Positivity Works?

Target acne prone skin

Our thoughts and feelings influence the majority of our actions. Similarly our mind can affect our bodies health.

It’s a fact that when we are stressed our body can often be affected along with our mind. In this sense the way we think and feel can also have an impact on our skin.

Mindfulness, happiness, confidence and stress are all interlinked and often appear cyclically in our lives e.g. stress = bad skin = lack of confidence = stress = bad skin etc. and alternatively mindfulness = happiness = good skin = confidence = mindfulness and so on (I could literally be here forever repeating myself).

When you are feeling stressed your body can release cortisol into your body which affects your gut health. This in turn can play havoc with your hormones, which as we know tends not to end well for your skin.

Just like how negative emotions affect your skin badly, positive ones can improve it. When we are feeling happy and relaxed we are able to sleep, eat and, ultimately, think in a healthier manner. This means our skin is able to repair and renew itself a lot easier. If you want some tips on how to decrease stress check this out.

Does Going For a Jog or Meditation Really Help Our Skin?

So, ‘body’ sounds a bit vague, right? Let’s explain a little…

Regular exercise is a great way to de-stress and reduce the negativity we may feel in our daily lives. Unfortunately the skin-body connection is not established very clearly yet. However, feeling stronger in our bodies helps us to feel stronger in our mind. This means that one or two spots no longer seems too much of an issue.

Just like our skin and mind our body is unique - it’s dictated by a combination of diet, exercise, and other factors such as sleep and genetics. As a result, it’s not a given that your skin will automatically stop breaking out when you become more physically active - but it may help.

Consistency is key. Keeping fit is a lifestyle change not a quick-fix. There are no magic pills you can use to avoid the need for diet and exercise. Build good fitness habits, incorporate these changes into your routine and stick to them!

Are You Actually What You Eat?

We can all agree that a healthy and balanced diet has some impact on our skin as well as on the overall health of our body & mind.

I don’t appreciate it when people tell me what to eat and what not to eat, but with every new blemish I asked myself - should I be looking deeper into my eating habits?

Some people can eat anything all day long and still have skin like a newborn baby (I am imagining a lot of frustrated eye rolling at this statement).

When it comes to nutrition there is no one-size-fits all. Listen to your body and keep trying until you find the right nutrition for you. Don’t substitute anyone else’s judgement for your own. You know yourself best.

Perhaps no single food causes breakouts or effectively treats them but I’m sure you’ll agree that certain foods can potentially worsen the situation (greasy foods vs. veggies?). Personally, I don’t believe that we can cure all our skin’s problems with nutrition alone but I’m sure we can influence it a little.

Feel free to let us know what your experiences have been with these methods, do any of these things help reduce your pimples?

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