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Target , reduce pimples

Why four products?

One product alone won't treat all of the signs of adult acne.

Acne prone skin

Active breakouts

Uneven skin texture

Sebum over-production

Our system of 4 science-backed products works to combat and manage all signs of adult acne prone skin. Using all 4 products consistently means you can reduce the build up of sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria inside your pores, keeping breakouts at bay. 

How the system works?



Cleanser 80 ml

Say goodbye to cleansers that irritate your skin. Gently remove dirt, makeup and other pollutants from your skin with our foam cleanser.

✓ Removes excess sebum and dirt
✓ Formulated for acne-prone skin
✓ Contains Aloe Vera extract & BHA



Exfoliant 50 ml

Remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin with our Exfoliant.

✓ Unclogs pores
✓ Non-stripping & non-drying formula
✓ Contains AHA and BHA



Target 10 ml

Zap those zits ASAP wit our non-drying, quick-absorbing SOS Target.

✓ Anti-seborrheic, Anti-inflammatory & Anti-microbial
✓ Regulates the state of acne prone skin
✓ Non-drying



Moisturizer 50 ml

Lock moisture into your skin with our Moisturizer.

✓ Hydrates and protects skin
✓ Contains Skin-Soothing Agents
✓ Contains natural skin moisturizers (NMF)

How to use the system?

Apply the Cleanser, SOS Target and Moisturizer every morning and evening. Use our Exfoliant 2-3 times a week at night before the Moisturizer. Leave the Exfoliant for 10 minutes and rinse off. For long-lasting results, use all 4 products consistently for at least 42 days

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Made in Germany

100 % Vegan

Our products are made in Germany and are 100% vegan. We're also proud to offer products that are free of alcohol, colors, perfumes and parabens.

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