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Sophie is a very beautiful, young and ambitious women who I met at We Work in Hamburg a few months ago. Sophie was struggling with her acne-prone skin, and her story is very similar to mine. She has oily/combination acne-prone skin which frustrates her a lot. Sophie has tried many different products and treatments on the market. You name it...She’s tried it...That’s why she was so skeptical and very critical about my products in the beginning. When I came along with a new brand for acne-prone skin, “Are you kidding?”, was written all over her face :-).

We talked about our skincare regimes and our lifestyles. She is very athletic, eats balanced food and takes care of her skin very well, but something was missing in her skincare routine. So, I explained my point of view where I wanted to create a simple but effective skincare routine with a range of products that are not overlapping but complementing one another. Moreover, I am a true believer of acids in our skincare routines. A good acid exfoliant, if used right, can really improve the skin's texture and help unclog the pores.

Sophie's 8-week

Sophie has been using our starter kit for almost two months now. At the beginning, her skin improved very quickly. Even I was surprised by the quick results because we all know that miracles do not happen. Right? During Christmas I got a call from Sophie - the breakouts came back and her skin was going up and down. I motivated Sophie to keep going with the skincare routine and stay consistent with the products. I am so glad she did (oh, I can be very convincing!). Sophie’s skin is consistently improving step-by-step, and her complexion is looking much better. Check out Sophie’s 8 week before and after photos! Thank you, Sophie, for taking them!

Sophie before


Sophie after

8-week later

Sophie’s routine

Sophie uses 5 products in her skincare regime: a cleanser, our Exfoliant, our Target SOS treatment, our Controlling moisturizer and Hyaluronic acid booster from Deciem.

Sophie’s skincare cheat sheet:

AM: Exfoliate-Target-Moisturize + Hyaluronic booster

"When I feel I needs that extra boosting, I apply Hyaluronic booster on the exfolated skin (before the Target and Controlling creams)."

PM: Cleansing, Exfoliate-Target-Moisturize + Hyaluronic booster.

"My skin is currently doing really well and almost all inflamed blemishes are gone. It feels and looks healthier." - Sophie

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